Hot Diggity Dogs Sign

I don’t remember where or how I first heard about Hot Diggity Dog in Nashville, TN, but I’ll never forget the first bite. The snap of the hot dog, the crunch of the coleslaw, and their fries . . . they make the best fries. I was in hot dog heaven.

The place can’t be much bigger than my college dorm room, but where it’s short on space it’s big on personality and flavor. I never went to Hot Diggity Dog when it wasn’t packed with hungry people waiting with mouth watering anticipation for their order number to be called. On pretty days, they have great outdoor seating (just a few picnic tables outside). It’s not just the food I loved, the two ladies in charge remembered me every time I visited. Eating at Hot Diggity Dog was so comforting,like that bar on Cheers where everyone knows your name. My usual was a Texan (their version of a chili dog) and a Nashville (complete with pickle and coleslaw and cucumbers) plus an order of fries (if it was a bad day I splurged on the chili cheese fries, which are sure to cure whatever ails). Sadly, I didn’t discover the Italian Beef Sandwich until my time in Nashville was growing short. I was completely blown away. I liked mine on toasted bread with sweet and hot peppers and completely dipped (i.e. submerged in the beef jus). It was a mess to eat but it was worth every grease stain.

Hot Diggity Dog just might be the thing I miss the most about Nashville (my friends are up there, too). I don’t know when I’ll return to Nashville, but when I do a visit to Hot Diggity Dog will be a must. Until then, I need to find a good hot dog here in Charlotte. So dear readers, if you know of a place, do share. And if ever you find yourself in Nashville swing by HDD and tell them an old friend of theirs sent you.

Hot Diggity Dogs House