After a long weekend of fast cars (H went to the Porsche Driving School), spa treatments(I got a massage and a facial at the Ross Bridge Resort), and amazing food (Incredible meals at Bottega and Hot and Hot Fish Club), one should not expect much upon returning home. So imagine my surprise when a package greeted us at the door from Earth and Sky Confections. Co-Owner Chris Parks, a long time family friend, trained at The French Pastry School. This is the first time I had had the pleasure of enjoying some of Chris and Laura’s confections since my wedding. (Chris made our favors.)

Each piece of this handmade chocolate was beautiful, so much so that I was having a really hard time trying to pick which one I wanted to eat first. The salivating was interrupted by JC. He had spotted the bananas and was rubbing his chest (the sign for please) and saying “nana, nana!” with increasing urgency. H deposited JC in his highchair with a banana then joined me around the sliver box of deliciousness. I choose the sea salt caramel and H the spicy peanut butter. WOW!

We really tried to show some restraint, but with a little less than a week since it arrived, it is completely empty, save one bananas foster. (I kept to eat tonight after I finish this post.) Maybe I should have waited, but even the the expiration date…everything is made with fresh ingredients…encouraged me along. I kept telling myself you don’t want them to expire! Each and every one was delicious!!!

Over the past few days I have told everyone I know about these chocolates! Literally everyone…my pilates instructor, person standing next to me waiting to get her car at the garage, the waitress at lunch, etc. So as I have done since that first bite…I will evangelize a little more…Check out these amazing chocolatiers!

Earth and Sky Confections – Jonesboro, TN