Brioche, Milk, Chocolate and Knives

We, the researching foodies that make up Kitchen Confit, headed into the weekend without any ideas of what we would make at our Tuesday gathering. That of course was until Monday Morning, when I shared my fascination with the Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce from the April 2008 issue of Food and Wine Magazine. Having a small child means my reading time is more limited than before, but on that Sunday night I finally found time to pour a glass of wine and devour the entire issue.

We weren’t able to get a challah, so we used brioche instead. I think in my haste we might not have cooked down the bourbon sauce enough. The bourbon flavor was sharp, which might not be good for some guests. I will say having six hands made this recipe quick work especially when making the caramel.

Adding Cream to the golden sugar

I whisked the sugar mixture, S added the cream, and E took pictures. Next time I need to more evenly distribute the chocolate custard because we ended up with a few pieces that were not soaked in chocolately goodness.

The end result was everything I hoped it would be…lots of bittersweet chocolate, bourbon and caramel. So another fattening adventure that ended up with lots of bread pudding to take home for a little late night snacking, or post lunch feasting.

The Chocolate Bread Pudding before we inhaled it

The link to the recipe follows…Cheers!

Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce